Dillon LeMaster is a classically trained actor. He has played roles in major American repertory theaters in Off-Broadway showcases, in addition to dozens of contract/recurring roles for daytime and primetime TV, including performances in Film. 

Dillon LeMaster, having earned an Associates of Arts in Theater from Webster University, continues to diligently train at the Howard Fine Acting Studio, located in the heart of Hollywood, California. Here, Dillon receives individual training in scene studies as part of the Master class taught by Howard Fine, and works one-on-one with Marilyn McIntyre in her personalization class. Dillon has also been trained by Jessica Winingham out of St.Louis, Missouri.  

Dillon LeMaster has won "Best Independent Actor Award" with his performance in "Fated" and also an "LA Comedy Award" with his recurring role in "Just Getting By". Dillon has starred in many roles both on the silver screen in addition to smaller roles on TV Shows such as "Lucifer", "NCIS", and "Gotham". 

Dillon LeMaster has many talents, skills and abilities that elevate his powerful acting. Mr. LeMaster has served five years in the US Army as a Military Police Officer; having served one combat deployments. Dillon has been training in Martial Arts since he was ten years old; still holding an undefeated fighting record with his current weight class in the world of MMA. Having a background in Musical Theater, Dillon has a powerful presence in his singing and dancing. Mr. LeMaster's ability of storytelling and directing are also prominent. 

Dillon LeMaster has achieved many amazing feats in both his personal life and career, with a drive to be seen as one of the greatest actors of his generation. Mr. LeMaster's passion can be seen in all of his performances. Dillon's personal goal is to create not only entertaining characters, but moving pieces of art in the film world. 





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